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Justin Millard is the clinical director for Royal Life Centers’ treatment facilities in Prescott, Arizona. In 2021, Justin first joined the team at Vogue Recovery Centers as a therapist and clinical manager. As a licensed associate counselor (LAC),  Justin Millard uses his master’s degree in professional counseling and certification in trauma-informed care and trauma competency to assist clients.


Coming from a family of social workers, Justin was inspired to pursue a career in behavioral health. For over a decade, Justin has touched the lives of clients in their recovery from substance abuse and mental health conditions.


As Royal’s clinical director, Justin assists our guests during treatment in our detox facility, men’s residential facility, and women’s inpatient facility. He also assists in upholding the clinical objectives of our outpatient program in Arizona. Helping people improve their quality of life and find fulfillment in recovery is what Justin finds most rewarding about this work. In his free time, Justin enjoys spending quality time with family, attending conferences on counseling, exercising, and getting well-deserved rest anywhere with sun and sand.

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