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With everything happening in this climate I like to start my day and sessions with positive psychology. It is so easy to discuss what is going “wrong” but, it is difficult to point out what is going “well”, what we are already doing well, and what strengths we possess to be better people. My mother told me that I was destined to help people since I was five years old. She describes me in the playground helping other children onto the slide or swings and the first one to run over when another child appeared hurt or sad. assuring them that they would be okay. I am currently a therapist with over 10 years of experience, seeking to help children, adults, and families as a unit to improve generations. I started counseling with young girls in my neighborhood in New Jersey in the early 2000s and realized how fulfilling that it was. I left working for corporate america and decided that I would do what makes my heartbeat. I attended Lincoln University in Pennsylvania and received my Masters in Human Services with a Concentration in Counseling. I chose to work at Dunker Enterprises, Inc. due to their compassion and commitment to improving communal care and to reach consumers where they are and make a difference!

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