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Ms. Barbara Joynes is a proud East Coast girl, who loves the water, seafood and helping others.
She began as an elementary teacher and crossed over to the social worker field. Coming to Arizona, she gained experience in a behavioral health agency and has had many accomplishments in herlife. She is family-oriented; intrigued with growing and learning life as a single mother who understands the emotionsl and spiritual strength it requires to be a single mother and still strive to achieve balance, happiness, and peace in one's space. Her experience has shown herthat anything is possible when you have the right mindset. Her biggest belief is that valuing those that support, encourage and are real with you, makes walking this life vital. Everyone has a path/journey to go through and how we prepare-process-walk that path/journey is solely up to us; let's choose to have confidence and peace within to know that we will win. 

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